Capacity Constraints

In order to protect the interests of investors, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Europe) may find it necessary to limit the size to which a fund is allowed to grow. This might arise for example, when the investment manager is of the view that allowing further inflows into the fund might have a significant impact on fund performance.

Generally speaking, such a situation is more likely to arise with funds following a highly specialist investment objective and with a concentrated investment portfolio – however other reasons may also give rise to capacity limits in a fund.

Set out below is a summary of the current position of all J.P. Morgan Asset Management Funds, which are closed or have recently been reopened.

If you are a private investor and you require investment advice, please contact your professional financial advisor.

Fund Name Status Date Information
JPMorgan Funds – Asia Pacific Income Fund Reopened 27.08.2013  
JPMorgan Funds - ASEAN Fund Soft Closed 05.06.2013  
JPMorgan Funds - US Smaller Companies Fund Soft Closed 05.04.2013  
JPMorgan Funds - Emerging Markets Equity Fund Reopened 16.01.2013  
JPMorgan Liquidity Funds - Euro Liquidity Fund Reopened 02.11.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Euro Money Market Fund Reopened 02.11.2012  
JPMorgan Investment Funds - Euro Liquid Market Fund Reopened 02.11.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Global Natural Resources Fund Reopened 09.07.2012  
JPMorgan Liquidity Funds - Euro Government Liquidity Fund Closed to all subscriptions 05.07.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Russia Fund Reopened 11.05.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Eastern Europe Equity Fund Reopened 11.05.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Global Focus Fund Reopened 20.01.2012  
JPMorgan Funds - Africa Equity Fund Reopened 12.01.2012