Fund highlights


Draws on the expertise of an experienced team of macro investors and strategists.


High conviction macro views are reflected in an unconstrained, focused portfolio, through long and short positions across equity, fixed income, derivatives, currency and volatility.


Has achieved medium term (3-5 years) return target of cash plus 7% (annualised, gross of fees)*, with volatility below 10%, through diverse market environments.


Macro investing: Managing Volatility

James Elliot, co-portfolio manager of the JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Macro Opportunites Fund talks about the benefits of the fund's flexibility and broad investment toolkit as we enter a period of potentially higher volatility.

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*The stated target returns are the investment manager’s objectives only, and are not necessarily part of the fund’s investment objectives and policies as stated in the prospectus. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met. Cash refers to ICE 1M USD LIBOR. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of current or future results.

Global macro themes

Widespread technology adoption ►

Global policy divergence ►
Supply-side weakness ►

Maturing US cycle ►
Europe in the balance ►

Japan beyond Abenomics ►
Emerging market convergence ►

China in transition ►

Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management (from analysis by the Multi-Asset Solutions strategy and portfolio management teams based on publicly available market data up to 31 December 2017). Opinions, estimates, forecasts, projections and statements of financial market trends are based on market conditions at the date of the publication, constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice. There can be no guarantee they will be met.

Top holdings

Widespread technology adoption23,00%Supply side weakness10,10%
Maturing US cycle18,40%Japan beyond abenomics8,20%
China in transition16,90%Emerging market convergence6,80%
Europe in the balance11,50%Global policy divergence5,10%
as at: 31.07.2019

The Fund is an actively managed portfolio, holdings, sector weights, allocations and leverage, as applicable are subject to change at the discretion of the Investment Manager without notice.


Fund highlights


Expertise Highly experienced portfolio managers Bob Michele, Nick Gartside and Iain Stealey are backed by the in-house research of a globally integrated team of over 200 investment professionals.


Provides flexible fixed income exposure across more than 15 sectors and 50 countries, dynamically adjusting its allocation and sensitivity to interest rates as market conditions evolve.


Success Has a track record of attractive returns while managing risk, and can act as a diversifier to traditional bond funds.


Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Dec 16.


Performance (as at: 31.07.2019)

 1 month3 months1 year3 years5 yearsSince inception
Excess Return1,03%1,72%3,42%7,80%36,60%60,18%

Inception: 23 October 1998

Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

All performance details are NAV to NAV with gross income reinvested.

Cumulative performance for the share class A (acc) - EUR. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
Fund performance is shown based on the NAV of the share class A (acc) - EUR with income (net) reinvested including actual ongoing charges excluding entry and exit fees.

Fund information

To achieve capital appreciation in excess of its cash benchmark by investing primarily in securities, globally, using financial derivative instruments where appropriate.


Share Class
JPM Global Macro Opportunities A (acc) - EUR
Fund Manager(s)
Shrenick Shah
Fund Launch Date
Fund size
EUR 4891,1m
Morningstar Rating
Not rated
Total Expense Ratio
Performance fee is 0,00% when the fund return exceeds the benchmark return. Please refer to the Fund’s Prospectus for conditions on the application of the performance fees.
Asset Under Management as of 23.08.2019

Investor profile: Investors in this Fund should have at least a five year investment horizon.

Risk profile

  • The value of your investment may fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.
  • The value of equity securities may go down as well as up in response to the performance of individual companies and general market conditions.
  • The Sub-Fund may invest in China A-Shares through the China-Hong Kong Stock Connect Programmes which are subject to regulatory change, quota limitations and also operational constraints which may result in increased counterparty risk.
  • The value of debt securities may change significantly depending on economic and interest rate conditions as well as the credit worthiness of the issuer. Issuers of debt securities may fail to meet payment obligations or the credit rating of debt securities may be downgraded. These risks are typically increased for emerging market and below investment grade debt securities.
  • In addition, emerging markets may be subject to increased political, regulatory and economic instability, less developed custody and settlement practices, poor transparency and greater financial risks. Emerging market currencies may be subject to volatile price movements. Emerging market and below investment grade debt securities may also be subject to higher volatility and lower liquidity than non-emerging market and investment grade debt securities respectively.
  • The credit worthiness of unrated debt securities is not measured by an independent credit rating agency.
  • The value of securities in which the Sub-Fund invests may be influenced by movements in commodity prices which can be very volatile.
  • Convertible bonds are subject to the credit, interest rate and market risks stated above associated with both debt and equity securities and to risks specific to convertible securities. Convertible bonds may also be subject to lower liquidity than the underlying equity securities.
  • The Sub-Fund may be concentrated in, and have net long or net short exposure to, industry sectors, markets and/or currencies. As a result, the Sub-Fund may be more volatile than more broadly diversified funds.
  • The value of financial derivative instruments can be volatile. This is because a small movement in the value of the underlying asset can cause a large movement in the value of the financial derivative instrument and therefore, investment in such instruments may result in losses in excess of the amount invested by the Sub-Fund.
  • Some financial derivative instruments traded on an exchange may be illiquid, and as a result, may need to be held until the contract expires. This may have an adverse impact on the return of the Sub-Fund.
  • The possible loss from taking a short position on an asset may be unlimited as there is no restriction on the price to which the asset may rise. The short selling of investments may be subject to changes in regulations, which could adversely impact returns to investors.
  • Movements in currency exchange rates can adversely affect the return of your investment. The currency hedging that may be used to minimise the effect of currency fluctuations may not always be successful.
  • The term ‘Fund’ used throughout this document refers to the relevant ‘Sub-Fund’, which is a legal term used in the Prospectus.



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